Colouring Books
Colouring Books: Imaginative drawings to colourize

Colouring Books

Fantastic and beautiful pictures to paint in!

The new trend to find peace: Just taking some time out, no cell-phone, no TV, only a colouring book, some pencils and you! It is a modern countermovement to the daily digital stress - slowing down to refuel new energy....

This contemplative activity soon became great trend. The new kind of colouring books with their detailed motives enchant and invite to meditative drawing. Delightful image ideas and lovely ornaments surprise and encourages creativity.

The new line from bb shows fantastic picture motives: Flowers, animals, angels, mandalas and playful allover designs. Two formats are available:

  • Colouring Books (25 x 25 cm) including 38 templates.
      Four different books can be chosen.
  • Booklets with spiral binding (14 x 21 cm) including 27 templates, each with a
      wise saying and space to write down some greetings on the back.
      Four different journals can be chosen.

The books are offered in the retail with a rotatable high-value acryl table display. A set of 24 colouring pencils complements the line. It is ideal to start drawing immediately - and it is a great present for your friends!

Creativity with pleasure!

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