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bb fashion bags - charming and comfortable

bb Fashion Bags

The current high fashion accessories

They are good companions in the daily life and they are trendy fashion accessories. The great diversity of stylish bags reflects the different personalities.


The fantastic bags and accessories with sequins

Bags and Accessories with Sequins

Enchanting glittering world

Sequins are cult. People love them! They are sparkling and shimmering - and if you strike over them, you get fantastic optical effects. Consequently the diverse bb accessoires and bags with sequins are an extra special attraction for girls and trend-conscious women.

The bb Bag Lines

Style and diversity

Trend bags, shoulder bags, shopping bags - they all show our individuality. bb provides a large variety of bag lines, all characterized by a good sense of style, fine processing and everyday suitability. The wide range of this accessories fits for any occasion and for any age group.

Careful processing is important. High quality materials as canvas or genuine leather show our quality awareness.

  • From the kindergarten bag to the stylish ladies' handbag
  • From the shopper bag to the gym bag
  • Always current ranges of trendy styles
  • High quality materials and top quality workmanship
  • Wear comfort and style

bb Fashion Bags... elegant and top-fashionable trend accessories!

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