Reflex Sunglasses
Reflecting sunglasses for kids - totally cool!

Reflecting Sunglasses for Kids

This is totally cool!

Sunglasses for children from bb are already known and liked by many people. They are fashionable and with high sun protection (UV 400, filter category 3).

Even children want to look stylish and smart. They want a trendy outfit to be cool. The reflecting sunglasses from bb are available with different colours and designs. So it is not surprising that they are already very popular!

The new compact counter display for 24 mirrored sunglasses is an ideal complement to the bb ranges.

  • All lenses with UV 400 and filter category 3 (100 percent UV protection)
  • Large selection of trend-designs
  • All products are conform to the European standards
  • Space-saving counter display

Reflecting sunglasses for kids... simply cool!

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