bb Trend Concept
bb Trend Concept - twelve exclusive design lines

bb Trend-Concept

Twelve stylish designs - and what's your style?

Designs are eyecatcher. Fresh new styles have a magnetic effect. The new bb collection combines modern fashion themes with charming products. Twelve allover patterns fascinate with their enchanting appeal. Designs and products are a harmonic choice. Simply chic! Everybody will find his favorite style and the appropriate products!

bb Trend Concept

The white floor stand has been developed specifically for the new and innovative concept. It presents the assortment in the best light. All sets are arranged clearly, so everybody can see the styles at a glance and find out his preferred products right away.

  • 12 exclusive design lines
  • Modern fashionable look
  • Top trendy patterns: Flowers, butterflies and stars
  • Harmonic choice of products
  • Proven and reliable bb
  • Well combinable
  • Incentive to collect

bb Trend-Concept... Just love the styles!

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