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bbeBells - bb brings Bike Accessories

Almost cult products

These bells are awsome! The wide range of designs fascinates: Some are cute, some are funny, some are stylish. Bike accessories, that bring fun to everybody. They match perfectly to your bike - and they are also great gift ideas. The manifold bells and horns simply look gorgeous! bbeBells bike accessories are developed especially for the toy- and gift market. Their presentation is matched especially to the needs of the specialist retail sale. They are perfect impulse purchase items. They are absolutely witty presents.

The bbeBells-floor stand showcases the range of bells and horns optimally. The light and clear appearance fits to each sales area.

Bells with a smile

Three products with the fun factor

They are at the very first glance original, amusing and handy together! They are an absolute must-have:

bbeBells - three bike accessories with a smile

Colouring Bell - the bike bell for colouring - easily wiped off and painted again. Four fresh designs invite to unfold the own creativity.

Funny Sport Bell - The football-bell with the kicking foot... or the basketball-bell with the two little hands! Two bike bells that create good mood and happiness!

Wind Bell - the new fun-bell with the windmill. The faster you drive, the faster turns the little propeller. available individually wrapped in a blister box.

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